Of all the ways I have described how I’ve been eating the past few years, just eating real food, known as JERFing, is the closest fit. Are you surprised to hear that you might not be eating ‘real’ food? Curious? 17 simple ways to JERF is a great place to get a quick start.

I am by no means super strict about it, but I think I eat ‘real’ about 80 per cent of the time. One of my daily habits is a big green drink. It gets tons of vegetables into me without endless chewing. It’s super nutritious and makes a body feel great. As food is fuel, it’s a bit like putting premium gas in your car.

Pro tip: Once I established it as a habit, I switched from a starter juicer and invested in a pricey vitamix a couple of years ago and this, IMHO, has two big benefits: 1) pulp stays in for fibre-y goodness and 2) cleaning the machine is super simple.

This morning’s vitamixed mash up? By most to least quantity: water, spinach, kale, cucumber, ginger, apple, almonds.

mix it up