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Ribs, Rotation + Respiration



Sunday, July 28, 2019 | 10 – 11:30am
Stream Yoga + Meditation, 819 Weaver Rd, Port Colborne

Back by popular demand!

Enjoy a special 90-min class with visiting instructor Sandi Beaupre.

How we breathe provides clues as to how we live our lives and what’s happened to us. Habitual patterns can interfere with our ability to breathe deeply and relax fully, often showing up as a locked ribcage that doesn’t move well, a tight diaphragm, and shallow breath. This can affect oxygen uptake to our brain and heart, which can cause a ripple effect leading to other health concerns.

Proper breathing comes from a relaxed centre, so we will explore movements that will soften tension around the front, back and sides of your body that affect the breathing muscles, and allow you to rotate more easily.

In this specialty class, we will practice Somatic Education (in the tradition of Thomas Hanna). The practice fosters deep awareness of bodily sensations, co-ordination and proprioception from the inside out. Somatic Education is like giving your brain a software update. It teaches you how to free yourself from habitual stress responses and unhealthy holding patterns that inhibit your potential for free and easy movement.  It helps reverse chronic muscular pain by going to the root and affecting change at the central nervous system. The slow, mindful movement patterns will challenge your habits, and increase your awareness of self. Other benefits include improved posture, mobility, co-ordination, balance and stress resilience.

Cost: $30 (includes HST)
Please register early, the class will only run with a set minimum number of participants.

Pre-register by email hello@gentlydownthestream.org or call us at 905.401.YOGA (9642) or call/text Heather at 519.400.7862

For more information about the workshop or to connect directly with Sandi, call/text 519.760.1372

Who is leading the class?

Sandi Beaupre

Sandi Beaupre

Visiting Instructor

Sandi is a wellness practitioner, movement educator, Reiki master, and facilitator, based in Guelph, Ontario…