Being With What Is

a 6-week insight meditation course

Sunday Afternoons
Yoga Truly, 14 Elizabeth St, Grimsby, ON L3M 3K3

Join us for an insightful 6-weeks as we explore — through meditation and mindfulness practices — the nature of our life experience and the ways in which we relate to that experience. Are we the ‘authors’ of a happy life? A suffering life? A meaningful life? Are we ‘authors’ at all?

We may think happiness comes from getting what we desire or from avoiding people and situations that we dislike. We think things like: “If I could just ________, THEN I’d be happy.”

But the truth is that a simple joy is available to us any time that we can relax — regardless of our external conditions. In fact, learning to relax and be still may be the single most important thing we can do to improve our life, our relationships and ultimately our world.

In this course, we will explore basic buddhist practices of concentration and insight. We will spend much of our time together in meditation, but with some time each session for a brief talk and for discussion and Q&A. You will be encouraged to spend some time meditating at home between the weekly classes.

Please NOTE:  The course will be inspired by passages from the book, “Insight Meditation: The Practice of Freedom,” by Joseph Goldstein. You may wish to get a copy of the book, but it is not required reading, and you will also be just fine to simply come to sessions and relax.



Oct 29; Nov 5, 12, 19, 26; Dec 3

$75 +HST

Pre-register online at
(Please note: this course will only run with a minimum 6 person enrollment.)

What to bring/wear?
If you have a meditation cushion or stool that you are accustomed to using, please bring it along. Bolsters, blankets, yoga mats and blocks are available at the space. No special clothing is required, but it’s good to be comfortable, so please avoid restrictive clothing.

Do I need to pre-register?
Yes! Please register early, as the course will only run with minimum of 6 people. Registering is fast and easy at Yoga Truly’s website.

Who is leading the sessions?
Heather Fenton (Finlayson)

Heather first met with Buddhist teachings in the Fall of 2000, and has since spent her time avidly exploring the nature of mind. Drawn initially to the teachings on emptiness and the Lojong practices of training the mind, she studied almost exclusively within a westernized-Tibetan tradition for her first decade of practice. Her path then led her in the direction of nondual teachings, Vipassana practices, and generally into a more embodied somatic approach. Most recently, Heather has taken up asana practice and will graduate a year-long 200-hour yoga teacher training program at the end of 2017.

Over the years, Heather has led regular meditation sessions and workshops. Her main interest has been to introduce simple meditation and mindfulness practices without cultural or religious trappings, and to encourage others – whatever their background or beliefs – to build and sustain a daily practice of stillness and inner reflection.

Heather is an independent graphic designer by trade, who lives and loves with her husband, teenage stepkids and two teeny tiny wiener dogs in Port Colborne, Ontario.
Other questions?
Please email or phone 289.407.9453 for more information.


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