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Find a comfortable seat and allow your body and mind to begin to relax. In this 20-minute guided meditation, we explore our interdependent nature. We are deeply and intimately connected with the earth, with the air we breath, with all beings and phenomena. Sitting and settling the mind, can you imagine yourself ‘immovable’, like a mountain? Can you become aware of a deep stillness, an awareness that has never moved? Free from coming and going, we rest in that awareness.

Gathering our mind in meditation, cultivating stillness and steadiness, brings a deepening relaxation that we can enjoy. And with a still and steady mind, we can investigate our moment-to-moment experience with curiosity, which invites our innate, natural kindness, compassion and wisdom to surface.

This guided meditation was recorded Wednesday, June 19, 2019, as a part of the “Resting in Wisdom” 8-week meditation series. Please enjoy.

021 – No Coming, No Going 19-Jun-19