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Pre-registered Courses

Courses are a pre-registered set of classes, offered as a unit of study over a period of days, weeks or months. This provides the opportunity to practice consistently with a group of peers, while deepening your knowledge of the practices of yoga + meditation.

Pre-registration is required. Courses are not open to drop-in students. Please contact the studio if you would like to join a course that is already in progress (the fees can be pro-rated). If you are new to the studio, please complete our Waiver before attending your first class.

Monthly Members (Unlimited and Monthly 5 Classes) receive a 20% discount on all Pre-registered Courses, Events and Workshops! Contact the studio when registering. Membership must remain/be active while the Course is in progress and/or at the time of the event.

Multiple Course Discounts for non-members are be available. If you are interested in attending multiple Pre-registered Courses there is a 20% discount available on your second/third/fourth concurrent (running simultaneously) Pre-registered Course(s). Contact the studio when purchasing.

Parent + Tot Yoga

Introduce your little one to the joys and benefits of yoga + mindfulness in this playful family yoga class. These 45-minute sessions are designed to engage everyone (parents, tots, baby siblings) with simple ‘follow the leader’ movement, songs and games.

Recommended for ages 1.5 to 5 years. Younger siblings/infants very welcome.

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Beginning Yoga

Every journey starts with a single step. Take that step with this beginner-focused yoga class. Whether you’re new to yoga, or looking to re-discover the basics, this weekly series will provide you with the inspiration, experience and confidence to make yoga an integral part of your life.

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Zen + Sound

Join Gina weekly, for six-week series of deep rest and relaxation. Restorative Yoga is the use of gentle physical postures in combination with supportive props to allow the body to fully relax and release tension. Paying careful attention to bodily sensations we find support, relaxation, safety, equanimity and resiliency in our natural resting state, be-ing.

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Barre Fit

Get yourself moving for a challenging 60-min Barre Fit class, combining ballet-inspired movement with isometric strength training. Improve your posture, increase flexibility, reduce stress.

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“I see a real yogi as a someone who is committed to growth and to being the best version of themselves, and, at the same time, is courageous enough to be fully present and authentic in each moment. Someone who is not afraid to get real about the whole mess of who they are – the good, the bad, and the ugly.”

Baron Baptiste, Perfectly Imperfect: The Art and Soul of Yoga Practice

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