Gina Gallo
Yoga/Movement & Meditation Instructor; Holistic Nutrition Consultant
Integrative Lifestyle, Performance & Wellness Consultant

With over 30 years of personal practice and 25 years of teaching experience, Gina offers classes that are an integrated synthesis of many movement forms and teaching lineages. The depth of her practice is felt in her gentle and grounded presence.

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Mindful Vinyasa

Vinyasa flow sets the tone for a rhythmic, engaging and present centered practice. A system through which to regulate and harmonize the body, mind, spirit connection. Poses are strung together in a sequence creatively for a dynamic yet seamless flow. 

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Zen + Sound

Join Gina weekly, for six-week series of deep rest and relaxation. Restorative Yoga is the use of gentle physical postures in combination with supportive props to allow the body to fully relax and release tension. Paying careful attention to bodily sensations we find support, relaxation, safety, equanimity and resiliency in our natural resting state, be-ing.

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