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Alison Whalley-Pen
RYT 200 Certified (Pending) Yoga Teacher

Alison is a martial artist and avid skydiver, who pursued yoga teacher training after an intensive and successful experience using yoga to recover from rehabilitative knee surgery.

Prior to 2016, Alison had dabbled in the occasional yoga class, and was intrigued but active in other areas of her life and it didn’t quite stick. But by 2016, despite a strong fitness routine involving sports, martial arts and HIIT training, injuries and long days sitting at a desk had her physically in a bad space. Her right knee was not going to let her continue to do any of the things she loved unless it was fixed and properly rehabilitated. Surgery was imminent.

In September that year, she committed 30 days straight to daily yoga as a kick-start to prepare her for surgery, and continued through that Fall with regular practice 3+ days a week until the day of surgery came in January 2017. Post-surgery, Alison returned to her mat as soon as she could. Initially still on crutches, she started back with gentle chair yoga, determined to recover in time for a European vacation in May and the start of the summer skydiving season. She credits yoga for a full recovery only 6 weeks after the surgery. And she found, in the course of her intensive practice, that yoga was not just physical, but a whole-life practice that balances body, mind and spirit.

In 2018, Alison took her 200-hour teacher training with Yoga City, excited to expand on the similarities she was realizing between her yoga and martial arts training, in terms of alignment and breath work. Alison loves combining her knowledge of both disciplines to help others heal, overcome physical challenges and find balance in life. 

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