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Heather Fenton (née Finlayson)
Meditation Teacher and RYT200 Certified Yoga Instructor

Heather first met with Buddhist teachings (dharma) in the Fall of 2000, and has since spent her time avidly exploring the nature of mind. Drawn initially to Mahayana teachings on emptiness (shunyata) and the Lojong practices of training the mind, she studied in-depth within a westernized-Tibetan tradition for her first decade of practice.

Her search for the truth of our experience/reality and the nature of consciousness then led her to exploring in the direction of nondual teachings (Advaita Vedanta and Neo-Advaita), secular mindfulness (she is a big fan of the work of Sam Harris), insight meditation (Vipassana practice), and overall, into a more 'embodied/somatic' approach to what is sometimes referred to as the process of 'liberation' or 'awakening' -- what Heather would describe as a kind of 'willingness to become increasingly authentic in our being.'

Heather has had many living dharma teachers and been inspired by even more teachers whose works are available in books and online recordings. She is currently most connected with (personally practicing and teaching in) a westernized-Theravadan Buddhist style and is grateful to be mentored by Montreal-based Pascal Auclair. Pascal has been immersed in Buddhist practice and study since 1997, sitting retreats in Asia and America with revered monastics and lay teachers, including Joseph Goldstein and Jack Kornfield.

Over the years, Heather has led regular meditation sessions and workshops. Her main interest has been to introduce simple meditation and mindfulness practices without cultural or religious trappings, and to encourage others - whatever their background or beliefs - to build and sustain a daily practice of stillness and inner reflection.

Most recently, Heather took up Hatha asana practice and graduated from a year-long 200-hour yoga teacher training program in December 2017. In addition to meditation, she enjoys teaching 'meditative movement' (Hatha-based yoga) classes, that are breath-led, with an emphasis on 'listening' and 'responding' to the body.

Heather is also a graphic designer by trade, who lives and loves with her husband, teenage stepkids and two teeny tiny wiener dogs in Port Colborne, Ontario. She is expecting her first child in January 2020. Heather, with the loving support of her husband Michael, established Stream Yoga + Meditation in 2018, as an expression of their wish to create a local space for the exploration of yogic, contemplative and human well-being practices of body and mind, open to all, regardless of background or beliefs.

Please check the current schedule here, to see when Heather is teaching.