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In my experience, it is rare to find such a wonderfully clear and contained recording of a teaching on ‘non-self’ (anattā). You would be wise to set aside an hour, relax and enjoy this dharma talk given by buddhist teacher and author Fred Eppsteiner.

Non-self is one of the three marks of existence — the three characteristics of all existence and beings. The other two characteristics of existence are impermanence (anicca), and unsatisfactoriness or suffering (dukkha). An understanding of these three marks is said to give rise to liberation (nibbāna), the goal of the path. We cultivate and deepen our understanding of these marks through our insight (vipassanā) practice — listening to teachings and allowing the disturbances of the mind to settle — as we look, with increasing clarity, directly at our experience.

(via Florida Community of Mindfulness)