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Yoga Nidra is practiced as a powerful method for releasing ourselves from our conditioned mental and emotional patterns (samskaras) — the psychological imprints or impressions that give rise to our repetitive thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

At the beginning, we start with a sankalpa, an intention formed by the heart and mind. It can be anything — a simple wish for health and wholeness, an affirmation of our worthiness and divinity, or it may reflect an aspiration to experience the fullness of our life with an open loving heart.

We don’t need to be doing yoga nidra (or other yogic practices for that matter) in order to give consideration to our intention.

Intention accompanies every moment of mind. Whether we are awake to our wishes and the underlying motives for our thoughts, speech and actions, or not, moment by moment, intention functions to ‘flavour’ the seeds we plant in our mind.

Since it is always arising and setting the tone for our current and future experience, intention is a very powerful thing to contemplate and worthy of close investigation.