Meditation for fidgety skeptics

Meditation for fidgety skeptics

“When you can have some distance from your repetitive grim thought patterns, your inner neurotic programs, then they don’t control you as much. That’s all that meditation is — a systematic waking up to this reality so that you can surf it...

Happiness is the truth

“Bring me down? You can not bring me down! I say my love is too high! You can not bring down…” Boy, do I ever love her laugh at 2 min mark! Find Walk off the Earth at home here. And the original Pharrell 24 Hours of Happy.

Making bacon pancakes

Whatever you do, do not click through and listen to this. You will never get it out of your head. Someone has actually looped this jingle into a 10-hour video on youtube. But I have the common decency to not spread that link around. For those of you already down this...